Foster Care


South Central Behavioral Services (SCBS) is a Licensed Child Placing and Adoption Agency in the State of Nebraska. SCBS provides the following services to currently licensed Foster Parents and Approved Homes in the State of Nebraska who are interested in completing an adoption of an eligible State Ward or child who is legally eligible for adoption: Home Study evaluation and completion, pre- adoption counseling, as needed, post-adoption services and post-placement supervision.

Foster homes provide a temporary placement for youth ages 0-19 until the child can be safely returned to their parent(s). Youth are referred by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (NDHHS) or Probation.

Youth in foster care may have complex needs due to trauma, abuse, neglect or other issues.

Realizing it takes a special kind of family to provide a safe and secure type of environment, SCBS recruits, selects, and trains foster families. SCBS offers support in the form of ongoing training, in-home consultation, and 24-hour crisis intervention.

Kinship Homes
Some youth move into a home with a relative or known caregiver. These homes are referred to as kinship homes. SCBS provides support for these families, including assistance working with the Child Welfare system.

SCBS works closely with NDHHS to help the child achieve a permanent living situation.  If the child is unable to reunify with parent(s), then an alternative permanency plan will be developed. This can include adoption, guardianship or independent living. Many youth in foster care will eventually be able to live with relatives.

SCBS Foster Care has offices in Hastings, Kearney, and Holdrege with foster homes in 12 counties