Personal Stories


People with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression and other life problems may struggle, but can have rewarding and productive lives. Here’s how men and women overcame their symptoms and focused on their ability to recover.


 “They give me positive encouragement. When I first got out of HRC, they integrated me into the community. They helped me set goals for myself. They encouraged me to go back and get my GED and I did. And I would have never gotten my last job without ACT encouragement.”

“I feel like I am retraining my brain….I am working hard that if a bad situation pops up, I really try to focus on  the positive of the situation. It is amazing that this facility helps people with low income to address mental health.  It’s 2016 and mental health is still taboo, but you can get help if you want too”

With the help of Outpatient Services I discovered a safe place to help me with my life journey. I was able to begin to trust. Although this can be hard work it is worth it to be able to feel valued and to feel confident to continue to dream and reach for your life goals.

I encourage anyone if they feel alone, in pain, hopeless to reach out and walk through the door. You will be forever changed and thankful there was someone there to encourage and support you and know that you are not alone.”

 “Community Support helped me get a roof over my head and my kids’ heads.  It helped me to get food for my kids and me.  They help me get assistance, help me with appointments, and help getting to and from them.  They helped me get my disability and SSI.”

“During a time when our family was overwhelmed by all of the challenges that a mental illness can bring, ACT was a true lifeline for our family. Help with medication and access to professional service, along with caring individuals/staff have made a world of difference to us on this journey.”

“The Opportunity House. . . Exactly what it stands for.  They’re proficient, capable, patient, and loving people, helping [people] to get on their feet and survive.  

I’m an example of their help.  I’m now self-sufficient and able to handle situations that come up that I usually gave up on.  I feel sturdier and dependable (well, almost–working on it!), calmer and happier.  No thoughts of suicide or hurting myself anymore.  Love these people!  THANK YOU!”